Morning Refresher – A Soap Profile

Morning Refresher

Morning Refresher was the FIRST custom blend soap bar I created.  When I first started with essential oil soaps I bought the oils I needed for the Ancient Thieves soap (to learn more about that soap click here), but I also purchased a few more oils that tickled my fancy.

It was the middle of summer and I was surrounded by  the fresh smells at the farmer’s market.  While Northern Michigan is not known as the place for citrus growing, citrus fruits are a wonderful addition to any fresh dish.  That was the launching point of my Morning Refresher soap.

What’s So Special?

This olive oil based soap produces a nourishing, gentle foaming lather to gently wash your hair and body.  Bentonite clay is added to provide a great slip to the lather.  That makes this bar a wonderful alternative to shaving cream.  You can emerge from the shower with soft, moisturized skin thanks to the addition of moisturizers.

morning regresher herbs

The fragrance was created to bring a warm, refreshing, clean smell to the soap.  Rosemary is at the base of the soap anchoring the other, more fleeting notes.  It is in small enough quantity not to overpower the more delicate citrus scents, but fills out the fragrance nicely.

The middle notes of this bar is spicy cinnamon.  Cinnamon brings a warmth to the soap balancing the sharp scent of rosemary and cutting the bright, fresh smell of the citrus.

The top notes of the soap are the citrus scents.  Lemon and orange oils bring the bright, refreshing feel this soap brings.

The citrus oils and the clay work nicely to help eliminate the nasty odors that accumulate on our hands while cooking.  Those onion and garlic odors are absorbed by the clay and washed down the sink leaving the fresh scent of citrus to eliminate any residual on your hands.

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