Soap Molds

There are so many soap molds out there how do you decide what is the best for you?  I can’t really tell you what you should use, but I can help you make the choice.

Types of Soap Molds

When it comes to soap molds there are about as many different ones on the market as there are recipes.  Add to that the ability to make molds yourself and how does one even begin to choose?  Here are some of the most common types of soap molds that people use.

  • Silicone Soap Molds:  These molds are readily available and come in a host of different shapes and decorations.  You can find individual bar molds, rectangular loaf molds, specialty shaped molds and more. These molds are oven safe, hot process safe, and make releasing the bars from the mold relatively simple.  Some silicone molds require reinforcement while the soap is setting to prevent the sides from bowing out, others are manufactured with reinforcement in place.  They are a little more easily damaged than a stiffer mold.  I have torn a few trying to rush the unmolding process.  There are fairly standard sizes available for silicone molds, and some shaped molds as well.
    Silicone loaf soap molds with reinforced sidesSilicone bar soap mold
  • Wooden Soap Molds:  Wooden soap molds are sturdy and long lasting.  They can be fairly expensive, or they can be made from scraps you find laying around the house.  These molds can be a little difficult to get your soap out of because the wood does not give.  Some wooden molds are oven safe, others are not.  It depends on the type of materials and construction used when making the mold. These molds are almost always either loaf molds or flat molds.  Often a wooden mold will require lining to prevent the soap from sticking to the wood, or the fluid batter from oozing through the cracks.
    Wooden Slap Soap Mold with Dividers
  • Plastic/PVC Soap Molds:  These molds provide the greatest variety in shapes you could make.  You can use PVC pipe from the hardware store to make round soaps, or you can purchase designer molds, loaf molds, slab molds and more to add your personal touch to your soaps.  Some of these molds are oven safe allowing you to oven process your soaps, others will melt when subjected to the heat of the oven, or even hot process soap.  Check with the mold manufacturer as to whether the mold is oven safe or not.
    Milky Way Arabesque Soap Mold
  • Multi-loaf Soap Molds:  These molds allow you to make several batches of soap at the same time.  If you are looking to produce a large number of bars in a short order of time this is a great option.  These are usually the most expensive types of soap molds, but the cost can be recouped over time with each batch of soap you make.
    Muti loaf soap mold

What kind of mold is your favorite? Why?  Let me know in the comments below!  I’d love to hear what you have to say.