Plants used in Soap Making

When making soap, especially if you are looking to have a product as natural as possible, you can save money and create unique soaps by ensuring you have plants used in soap making in your garden.

Plants used in soap making

Some of the most common plants in for soap making are added to help create a purpose driven soap.

The spotted touch me not plant is used often as a remedy for poison ivy.  This plant is a native to many of the northern and mountain states in the US.  Available from Easy Wildflowers, you can plant this native in your garden and have a ready supply for when you need it for your soap.

Spotted Touch me Not - a plant in soap making

Cucumber is a common garden plant that can be used to make soap.  Use the fruit, either peeled and de-seeded or whole.  Puree the fruit and use that in place of some of the water.  You will get a very subtle cucumber scent in your final soap.  You will also get the skin benefits that cucumber provides.

Herbs for Soap Making


Herbs have been grown in gardens for ages, both for the flavors they add to our food as well as the benefits they have been shown to have medicinally.  Most people who add herbs to their soaps do so for the scent and appearance.  Here is how you can make an herbal infused oil that you can use at home.

Mint, thyme, tarragon, rosemary, and sweet basil are some of the most common herbs that are grown in gardens that are used to scent soap.  Any herb that is grown can be used to create an infusion.  If you think it smells good, go for it!

Flowers and Fruit for Soap Making

Many of the flowers we plant, both annual and perennial can be plants used for soap making.  Marigolds can be used to make wonderfully scented and colored soaps.  When you dead head those plants, trimming off fading blooms don’t throw them away!  Dry them and use the petals in your soap.  Dried and pressed flowers can be added to a white bar of soap to make an amazingly beautiful accent to any bathroom.

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And you can continue to the harvest when adding garden components to your soaps.  Many add dried fruits to their soaps like this cinnamon apple cider soap.

When looking to add a special touch to your soaps, don’t forget to look in the garden!  And when planning your garden, why not consider some of these plants used in soap making this year!


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