Soap Inspiration

When I first started making soaps, the challenge of blending base oils and essential oils was enough for me.  As I continued making soap, I began to find other soapers out there that were making amazing bars.  Here are some of my biggest soap inspiration sources.

Auntie Clara’s

Clara has some amazing beautiful creations on her site.  However, the thing that inspires me the most are her experiments and detailed write-ups.

Soap Inspiration from Auntie Clara's

Her experiments on creating glycerine rivers had me captivated and led me to try creating these amazing textures.

Handmade in Florida

Butterfly Swirl Soap Inspiration

These soaps feature beautiful swirl techniques.  Her soaps started my obsession with the butterfly swirl.  How can you not be moved by these soap inspirations!  Take a tour of her website to find all her magical soaps.

Eve’s Garden Handmade Soaps

Have you ever seen a landscape hidden in a bar of soap?Lansdcape soap inspiration

Such a talented soap maker – this was her first try at a landscape soap!  She has videos that show the process from start to finish.  One day I WILL make a landscape soap.  With my soap inspiration being this bar.  What a talented soaper!!

Ariane Arsenault

If there was a soap maker out there that fit my idea of where I want to be in the future, it is Ariane!  Her knowledge, her experimentation, and ohhh…. the soap inspiration I see in every bar she makes!

Soap Inspiration - Ariane Arsenault

Not only that, but just look at her studio!!!  Add that the tour she gives of her soap shop and I am absolutely in awe at what she built.  If only I could get there.  And sooner rather than later.

Soap Inspiration

I hope these people and their bars provide some soap inspiration to you as well!  Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to designing your newest bars?