Freshly Fit – A Soap Profile

Freshly Fit is the perfect soap for athletes.  This bar uses a mixed oil base to provide a luxurious moisturizing lather perfect for washing your body, face and hair.  Bentonite clay is added making this a great shaving soap.  Just think – one bar is all you need!  No more lugging soap, shampoo, conditioner and shaving cream to the gym with you.Freshly FitThis bar goes beyond just a good bar for cleaning up.  It is great for preventing some of the issues that torment anyone who uses a public shower.  The combination of cedar wood, clove, grapefruit, lavender and rosemary essential oils work together to prevent infections such as athlete foots, plantar warts and more.

Freshly Fit Praise

Several family members who have used this soap have raved about its ability to keep their feet clean and clear of viral and fungal infections.

A whole season of hockey and the plantar warts that were a problem in the past have not been an issue this year!


I’ve had thickened toenails and flaky skin on my feet for years and nothing has been able to help, prescription or over the counter.  I used this soap for 6 weeks and my podiatrist said she had never seen my feet look this good before, EVER!


Athlete’s foot is a chronic problem for me.  I have my feet stuffed into sweaty, damp work boots for over 60 hours a week.  If I feel the itch or notice cracking skin I just use this soap for a few days.  Then I don’t need to use the prescription foot cream I was given by my doctor.

This soap has a nice, fresh smell that is clean enough for men, but is loved by women as well..  It is a scent that is enjoyed by all.  In fact, I have one customer that keeps it in her car as an air freshener!


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