Essential Oil Blend for Dogs

Ahhh, the mosquito, the tick and the flea.  The trio of insects that strikes fear into the heart of dog owners everywhere.  As a result, I have created an essential oil blend for dogs.  This oil blend was designed to help eliminate the dreaded ‘doggy odor’ while repelling these insects.  The blend uses an equal combination of lavender, citronella and cedarwood oils.

Scout, or happy Golden Retriever, loves the essential oil blend for dogs.

I use this Essential Oil Blend for Dogs in a shampoo bar I am working on.


Cedarwood & Citronella Soap for Dogs and People!

Lavender oil has many properties that make it a great oil for this combination.  First off, it has calming properties.  I am using this blend particularly in a canine shampoo bar, so dogs that tend to get restless or frightened in the tub the lavender oil can help create a more comfortable bathing environment for all!

In addition to the calming properties for the mind, lavender oil is calming for the skin as well!  For dogs who’s skin is irritated from flea bites or mosquito bites, lavender oil can help reduce the inflammation in the skin making Fido more comfortable right away.  The benefits don’t end there.  In addition to the calming properties of lavender oil, it can help repel fleas and ticks.

Citronella oil is the oil that we all think of when it comes to insect repellent.  It is what is in the tiki torches and bug candles that we use every summer.  When used topically, citronella oil is a safe way to repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and even black flies from hosting a ride on or biting your furry friend.

Cedarwood oil can repel, and actually kill, fleas when they try to feed on your dog.  In addition to these benefits, cedarwood oil is a deodorizor and can cut down on the greasy oils created by your dog’s skin while reducing irritation and inflammation in the skin.

Keep your eyes open for the new bar once it is available for keeping your dogs flea and tick free this summer.