Fresh Faced – Clean and Clear Complexion

Fresh Faced Facial Care

When my daughter started her journey through puberty she was hit by the nemesis of many teens – acne.  I set out to create the Fresh Faced soap, a bar that would be soothing to her irritated skin while battling the current and future breakouts.  We also wanted to avoid the harsh compounds found in many acne products.

Fresh Faced Bar


Forehead before using Fresh Faced soap daily.


Forehead after using Fresh Faced for 1 week.

I used my handy dandy chart that I compiled listing essential oils and their benefits I found a combination of oils that are soothing to irritated skin but also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  Fresh Faced skin care products have a combination of geranium, lavender, frankincense and tea tree oils to help treat current breakouts and prevent future breakouts as well.

Fresh Faced Skin Care System

You can use the Fresh Faced bar alone, or in combination with the moisturizer, mask and serum for a complete skin care regimen.

The Fresh Faced Moisturizer deeply nourishes skin while reducing excess oil production and reducing inflammation and irritation that can lead to break-outs.

The mask comes as a powered clay based mask that you mix at home to create an exfoliating and deep cleaning treatment to draw impurities from deep within your skin.  Using the mask, the essential oils have longer contact time with the skin, providing increasing the skin clearing benefits.

The Serum is a deeply moisturizing yet light weight serum that helps reduce excess oil production in the skin will treating any current breakouts.  Apply 2-3 drops lightly to the skin day and night to help prevent any future breakouts as well.

The Fresh Faced products come in a complete set that can get you started on clean and clear skin for you or anyone who needs the skin clearing benefits essential oils can provide.



This set costs only $32 dollars, and should last 2-3 months.  Compare that to the price of some of the other skin care systems on the market:

Proactive, base set $19.95 per month – almost $60 for 3 months – a 53% savings!

Exposed Acne kit $29.95 per month – almost $90 for 3 months – a 68% savings!

Murad starter kit $34 (30 days) – $102 for 3 months – a 73% savings!

Get your set today from Rolling Pines Farm and start saving on clear skin!