Soap Display Ideas

When you plan your soap display keep in mind the message you want to send your customers.  Making sure your display matches your message can have a big impact on how successful you are in gaining sales.  Here are some examples of soap displays and the message I see in their display.

Candy Shop Soap Display

Somethings hidden in here soap display

This display from Something is Hidden in Here has a quirky, whimsical appeal.  If I was looking for a cute gift, or something to spoil myself I would be drawn to this display. This booth sends the message that each item is special, has been made with care and and is just as special as the person who will be using it.

Utility Soap Display

Rustic Display from Slippery When Wet

This display from Slippery When Wet invites people who are looking for head to toe skin care.  I would see this as a booth that people would come and shop for their every day soap and lotions.  Looking at this soap display I would think that these products are made to be used and loved every day.

Rustic Soap Display

This soap display from Sparrow Soaps plays up the rustic look of their soaps.  This display sends the message that the soaps are made using old fashioned, time proven techniques.  The soap recipes are similar to the ones our great grandparents would use, but are updated for our modern equipment.

These are just a few ideas of how you can display your soaps at farm markets and craft shows.  Think about your soap, your message and your style and try to blend those ideas into how you set up your soap.

Here is the stand I had last year, and it is a work in progress.


This display was created to bring a ‘all you need in one stop’ feeling.  I have not been baking as much, and have sold almost all of my art, so I am now focusing on soap.

I hope this helps you create your one of a kind soap booth that sends the message you want to your customers.