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Morning Refresher - A Soap Profile
Making Soap – What and Why

Soaping – From Frustration to Fun

It seemed like I got into soaping on a whim, but I believe it was a well laid out, although hidden plan. I have been an artist for years playing with mixed media art, delving into artisan baking using sourdough, experimenting in herb and spice blends and more. All with varying levels of success.

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One day, after a less than illustrious day of sales at a local Farmer’s Market I was feeling frustrated and ready to quit. I had spent hours preparing, baking, packaging and labeling products that had been popular the prior year. At the end of the day I hadn’t sold enough to even recoup my costs. I was up against a wall and didn’t know what to do.

I pondered my situation, questioned my decisions and finally decided to hand my future over to God. As I said my daily prayers I asked God to guide me and lead me down the path he wanted me to go. Was I to continue with the baking and art goods? Should I skip the Farm Markets for good and focus on finding another way to bring in income? Or was there another path I hadn’t seen that I should be taking?

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I woke the next morning, and without any previous inkling, I decided to make my first batch of soap. I did some internet research, combed through the pantry and the bathroom closet and searched for an appropriate mold to use for a batch of soap. Not being one to take small steps into a new endeavor, that foray into soaping I made was a hot process soap with honey and oats added.

First bar in my soaping journey
Oh, the chemistry involved! The scientific process of selecting ingredients! The artistic quality of creating a beautiful bar! I was hooked. That first batch of soap lead to 4 more batches in the next week. I had to get creative with the oils I used, the way I added texture and scent to the soap, and the shape of the bars. Those first few batches were gone before I realized. I gave them away, then I sold them and I made enough money from those first batch of soaps to purchase more raw materials.

God is truly amazing. He led me from frustration to a new venture. With his guidance in a short 5 months I went from losing money to a business with positive cash flow, and even landed my first wholesale account! I found an art form that allowed me to channel my inner geek (with my love for science) and combine with my creative inspiration.

Join me as I travel down this path of soaping that God has graciously led me to. And remember, if you are feeling stuck ask the LORD for direction and be willing to travel down the path he leads you.


Morning Refresher - A Soap Profile
Making Soap – What and Why

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