• Laundry Soap 100% Natural

Keep your clothes clean and fresh with this 100% Natural Laundry Soap.  Just 1 tablespoon will clean an entire load of clothes.  Mix it with a small amount of water to form a stain busting paste.

The base of this laundry soap is a grease fighting coconut oil soap.  Washing soda is made from pure Sodium Bicarbonate, and does not have any of the additives or brighteners that you may find in commercial washing soda.  Borax is a natural compound that is mined from the earth.  It helps the soap and washing soda work to remove dirt, grease and grime from your clothes.

Because this laundry soap is detergent free is it gentle enough to wash your dedicates, just dissolve a small amount of the soap in water and let your articles soak for a few minutes.  There is no need to use a separate soap - one product is tough enough for your dirtiest loads yet gentle enough for your delicates.

The 100% Natural Laundry soap from Rolling Pines Farm is fragrance free and the low suds make it safe for HE washing machines.

16 ounce bag does up to 32 loads.

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Laundry Soap 100% Natural

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