• Cedarwood Shave Soap

Create a luxurious lather to shave even the coarsest of beards with this 100% natural shaving soap. Formulated with tallow from grass fed beef, this shave soap will moisturize your skin while softening your hair for a close, comfortable shave.

Tallow is high in essential fatty acids that help improve skin condition, responsibly sourced palm kernel oil helps boost the lather while contributing to a hard, long lasting bar. Castor oil helps create a creamy, dense, long lasting lather to ensure the suds will last for your entire shave. Bentonite clay is added to help provide a little extra slip on the skin to help prevent nicks and cuts. Lavender and Cedarwood essential oils provide a fresh scent while providing skin soothing benefits.

To use, load a wet shaving brush by swiping it across the bar of soap 4-5 times. Using the loaded brush and a mug with a small amount of water, swirl the brush in a circular motion around the mug to work up a dense lather. With the brush, wipe the foam on any skin you would like to shave. Allow to sit for 30-60 seconds to soften the hair. Shave with your favorite razor and rinse with cool water.

These bars are hand poured and had cut.  As a result they may vary slightly in size.  Each bar is approximately 3 ounces.

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Cedarwood Shave Soap

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