About Rolling Pines Farm

What is Rolling Pines Farm?

Rolling Pines Farm, as it is today, is a bit of an accidental evolution.  It began with a love of chickens, baking and art, and eventually became a place for developing high quality soap and personal products while playing with colors, scents and swirls.

Rolling Pines Farm Craft Booth

What do they do?

Over the years I have been and done many things.  I’ve written a book (The Child of Denys) that tells the story of my daughter, her special relationship with her girl cat named Dennis and a grand adventure, created beautiful mixed media art pieces, taught mixed media art classes, worked as a substitute teacher, been a professional licensed veterinary technician, created sets and costumes for the local high school musicals and band performances and more.

Making soap has hit on many of my passions.  I love creating, making art, creating scents and more.  I am also a geek deep at heart.  I love learning, experimenting and understanding the why behind how things work.  Making soap allows me to dig into the why and how of things.  Why do certain base oils create a soap with certain characteristics, and while another oil acts differently?  How are essential oils effective?  What are the compounds in those oils responsible for their benefits?  What concentrations are needed to get the desired effect?  Researching base oils, essential oils and other additives used to make soap satisfies my inner nerd, giving my brain a work out.  The development of swirls, patterns and interesting effects allows me to flex my creative muscle.  I can use my art background to combine colors with scents creating a product that is pleasing on many levels.

Is this the last evolution for me, and Rolling Pines Farm?  Probably not!  Join me on the journey and see where this road takes us!  And don’t hesitate to drop me a note at info@rollingpinesfarm.com if you have any questions!